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Obama’s Vindication in Libya

By Nicholas Burns President Obama’s careful, persistent policy on Libya has worked. The rebels are on the verge of a major victory. Libya’s cynical and brutal dictator, Muammar Qadhafi, has lost effective power and is on the run. As I … Continue reading >

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Obama’s gamble in Libya

I believe President Obama was right to take military action over the weekend to relieve the siege of Benghazi. Not doing so would have been a moral failure by the United States. But President Obama and the coalition working with … Continue reading >

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The Arab World’s 1989? Who’s next?

The wave of uprisings in the Middle East surprised everybody from regional experts and government intelligence agencies to investment banks and geopolitical consulting firms. Since our original February 18th posting, we have seen Libya ignited in war. Bahrain and Yemen … Continue reading >

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