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Let’s make peace a campaign issue

Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns

By Nicholas Burns

In my December 23 Boston Globe op-ed, “Why isn’t peace on anyone’s platform?”, I wrote that our national leaders rarely raise the standard of “peace” as among our most important international objectives.

Unlike past leaders such as Lincoln, FDR, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, our current Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington now elevate “security” and “defense” as our top strategic priorities.  In fact, the goal of peace does not appear prominently on the websites of any of the seven Republican presidential candidates.

Of course, peace is an elusive and perhaps even unattainable goal and we must continue to invest in our military and homeland security to defend our country in a violent age.  But, have we become so fearful in the wake of 9/11 that we no longer believe the pursuit of peace can be the guiding star that makes us a better nation?

About Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns is Director of the Future of Diplomacy Project and Faculty Chair for programs on the Middle East, and on India and South Asia. He served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2005 to 2008, leading the effort to reshape U.S. relations with India. Previously, he was U.S. Ambassador to NATO. Full bio >

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  1. Jon Meadow says:

    The Constitution needs to be the nation’s guiding star. The problem is the fact that Harvard and Yale were around before the American Revolution. There has yet to be any school to teach that the Constitution is a written document with a preamble that explains its intent of improvement, and its purpose to establish justice. When “we the people” ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense of the Constitution, (there is nothing we have in common that is a specific as a written document) promote the general welfare, and secure THESE blessings of liberty to our selves and our students, justice will be established, and peace would be our policy, both foriegn and domestic. In short, tranquility, heart, and equality are the essential blessings of liberty. They must be pursued in order to form a more improved union, and make a better nation.

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