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The Shifting Nature of Iran’s Regional Policy

By Kayhan Barzegar This article was first published on December 17, 2012 in Persian by Tabnak The Arab Spring has resulted in a shift in the nature of Iran’s regional policy from  a traditional “reconciliation and resistance” approach to a … Continue reading >

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Israel faces the threat of the weak

By Ehud Eiran Former Associate and Research Fellow, International Security Program, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs  As we mark the one-year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, Israelis watch with concern the instability around them.  In a Jan. 23 … Continue reading >

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Deal v. No-Deal in the Middle East: Three Forces Leading to a Deadly Collision

By James K. Sebenius On May 15, thousands of Palestinians rushed Israel’s Syrian and Lebanese borders, as well as the fences of Gaza. Such actions continued in early June on several Israeli fronts. Arabic social media now buzz with expanded … Continue reading >

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Palestinians Cross the Border into Israel: When Two Storms Converge

In the last few months we have seen a schizophrenic Middle-East, operating in parallel universes. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict — once the epicenter of regional instability — was calm as Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas settled into a strange modus vivendi, pending a possible declaration of Palestinian independence in the fall. In the other universe, the one comprised of Arab states such as Egypt, Yemen, and Tunisia, an entrenched order of autocratic stability was smashed, when angry youth lashed out at their regimes, toppling leaders with the hope of radical change.

This weekend the two universes met. The energy displayed by Arabs in the region against their leaders, was adopted by a few hundred Palestinian refugees from Lebanon and Syria who tried to cross the border into Israel. They were repelled, but their actions laid the foundation for a possible fusion between the active regional storm of internal instability, and the dormant storm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Values, Emotions and Strategy on the Nile

The Power & Policy Fellows’ Forum By Chuck Freilich We all rejoice when dictators fall and the prospects for democracy flourish. What has happened in Egypt and Tunisia is a regional earthquake and it may be far from over. An … Continue reading >

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