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The best GOP candidates on foreign policy

Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns

By Nicholas Burns

In my January 6 Boston Globe op-ed, “The Best GOP Candidates on Foreign Policy,” I wrote that one of the challenges for Republicans this election year is to nominate a candidate who can match President Obama’s impressive international record and continue the rich Republican tradition of strength and smarts in foreign policy from Eisenhower to Nixon and Bush 41.

In my view, only two of the candidates–Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman– have the global IQ, good judgment and right international experience to help the country face one of the most difficult international agendas we have ever encountered.

Republicans will find it difficult to outflank President Obama on the right given his aggressive campaign against Al Qaida and other terrorist groups.  They will also need to resolve the deep ideological division in the party between its Romney- Huntsman- Gingrich internationalist camp and the tea-party dominated isolationist wing.

You need a Boston Globe subscription to access the original piece; you can also read the full text on the Belfer Center’s website.

About Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns is Director of the Future of Diplomacy Project and Faculty Chair for programs on the Middle East, and on India and South Asia. He served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2005 to 2008, leading the effort to reshape U.S. relations with India. Previously, he was U.S. Ambassador to NATO. Full bio >

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